What is SF ILSP?

San Francisco Independent Living Skills Program (SF ILSP) is a supportive community for young people in foster care. We provide guidance, resources and services to help them succeed in school, build the skills for self-sufficiency, and get on a path for long term success in adulthood.

Who is eligible to participate?

To be a part of SF ILSP you must:

  • be between the ages of 16 and 21
  • currently be in foster care, kinship care, or on probation OR have been in care on or after your 16th birthday.

What services does SF ILSP offer?

The program offers a full range of education, employment, permanency, and resource and referral services to support young people’s success.


We’re here to help you finish high school and get ready for college or a career through tutoring, skill building for studying and test taking, vocational and experiential learning, computer skills training, and career and education exploration opportunities. We also offer a more structured program for high school completion.

First Foundation

First Foundation is an educational support program for young people willing to make a commitment to earning their high school diploma or GED. Participants attend workshops focused on educational and social skills and test preparation, and receive individualized tutoring, IEP support, educational plan management, and assistance in goal setting and service coordination.


Through a partnership with the Seneca Family of Agencies, we can help you make community connections and create a permanent network of support in preparation for adulthood.‚Äč

Health & Wellness

We provide assistance and referrals to promote physical health, mental health, and safety, including substance abuse prevention, smoking cessation, pregnancy prevention, and nutrition.

Career Development

At SF ILSP you’ll have the opportunity to begin planning for your future career success. wWe provide assistance and referrals to help you explore potential career paths and develop work readiness and responsibility skills.

We also offer employment development & experience, vocational training, apprenticeship opportunities, and job placement and retention support.

Daily Living

To ensure you have a strong foundation for independence, we’ll help you build vital skills for daily living. We’ll teach you financial literacy and how to budget, personal responsibility and self-advocacy, household management, and more.


We know that finding and maintaining housing can be complicated for young people, especially in the Bay Area.

While SF ILSP is not a housing program, we do offers support to our young people as they explore their options and apply for housing. We can offer referral for transitional housing; federal, state and local housing programs, and help find solutions when and landlord/tenant issues arise.